Distance Learning Resources

Enhance Curriculum

Video conferencing equipment allows school districts to offer courses that previously were not offered because of low enrollments or lack of certified staff in particular curriculum areas.  The network allows districts to share both students and staff without transportation costs and delays.

Community Education

With the use of the fiber optic system, each community can share educational classes and programming.  Community members can partake in a wide variety of classes and do not have to travel any further than their local high school.

Post-Secondary Instruction

CMETS has the capacity to offer college level courses to area high school students through multiple local colleges.  Classes are live, interactive, and full college credit is available.

Staff In-service and Departmental Meetings

The video conferencing equipment allows staff meetings with various departments in and between each district.  Our principals, superintendents, athletic directors, math teachers, etc. can easily meet after school without having to leave their respective school buildings.

Community Use of the System

CMETS and member districts are building cooperative relationships with their local businesses and community groups.  Local groups such as firemen, nurses, and bankers can participate in learning opportunities without lengthy travel.

Other Uses Include:

  • Elementary Gifted and Talented Programs

  • Special Education Updates

  • Staff Development

  • Direct Services

  • CMETS Board Meetings

  • Administrative Meetings

  • Homebound Services

  • Community Education

    Adult Basic Education

  • Online Courses

  • Heath and Safety

  • Academic Purposes

    • Share Courses
    • Remedial Courses
    • College Courses
    • ALC Courses