Frequently Asked Questions


Is it difficult to teach on the system?

There is a learning curve when first starting out teaching on the system, but there are many experienced teachers that are available to help! You can also contact the Program Director, Erika Traphagen, to get individual training on the system.

How do I make a recording of my ITV course?

Using the Tandberg system, it is easy to record and store your lessons for students to access on their own!

**We are currently updating our video recording hosting site - further instructions to come when the project is complete!

Who do I contact in other CMETS schools if I have an issue with their students?

Refer to the ITV teacher manual for contact information for each member district.


How do I sign up for a CMETS course?

Talk to your guidance counselor about the course offerings for the current school year. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis!